Warranty Policy

Mompush takes pride in offering 2-year limited warranty for strollers, with specific customer limitations detailed in Section B.

A. Scope of Limited Warranty

This limited warranty applies to strollers, various other products, and accessories bought directly from Mompush or an authorized Mompush retailer (“Product”). It excludes any Product employed in ways that conflict with its intended purpose or design.

B. Warranty Beneficiaries

The warranty applies to the first purchaser of the Product from Mompush or an authorized Mompush retailer, termed the “original purchaser,” or to the first recipient if the Product is a gift. All Mompush warranties, including implied ones, last only while the Product remains with the original purchaser/recipient. Proof of purchase is necessary to confirm warranty eligibility.

C. Warranty Provisions

Mompush warrants that the Products will remain free from flaws in materials, craftsmanship, and design until the Warranty Period's conclusion, assuming normal use and adherence to instructions. Exclusions include superficial cosmetic imperfections not affecting functionality and defects arising from (i) Product misuse or mistreatment, (ii) neglecting maintenance instructions, (iii) improper or unauthorized assembly, (iii) regular wear, (iv) shipping, (v) unauthorized alterations or repairs, (vi) inappropriate storage, or (vii) material aging causing color changes. Such damages are not regarded as defects and are ineligible for repair, replacement, or refund.

Mompush, at its discretion, will decide the suitable course of action if a defect is identified, such as conducting repairs, supplying supplementary or replacement parts (possibly refurbished or updated), replacing the Product, or refunding the purchase price. Shipping within the United States will be covered by Mompush for parts or replacements. International shipping is not provided.

Mompush will determine compliance with warranty conditions and the nature of any Product damage or failure. Warranty claims may require photographic or video evidence and specific identification details, and failure to furnish these may void the claim.

Inquiries about the limited warranty may be directed to support@mompush.com.

D. Liability Constraints

This limited warranty represents the sole recourse against Mompush (Mamababy, Inc.) for Product defects and supersedes all other Mompush obligations and guarantees, whether spoken or written, including implied quality or fitness for a particular use, unless otherwise mandated by law or concerning third-party sellers.