Warranty & Warning

Warranty Information

Your stroller comes with one year defects warranty to cover against faults in materials and workmanship when your pram is used under normal conditions,according to our user manuals and technical specifications.

If you need any help, write us an email to support@mompush.com.

And a member of our warranty team will be in touch shortly!

IMPORTANT : In order for our warranty team to make a fast, accurate assessment, please provide a photo or video clearly showing the suspected fault or issue.

  The warranty is not valid in the following cases:

  • Defects or faults resulting from improper assembly, care or use as outlined in our user manual.
  • Defects or faults resulting from an accident, airline or transport damage.
  • Normal wear and tear,including scratches to the frame or colour fading of the fabrics.
  • Damage to handle/belly bar gribs or fabrics(e.scuffs or tears)as a result of normal handling and daily use.
  • Corrosion, mould or rust due to extreme environmental conditions, including high humidity, salt spray, snow or due to lack of regular maintenance.  
  • Products that are purchased second hand or from an unauthorized distributor
  • Using a part or accessory that is not compatible with the product and/or not manufactured by Mompush Stroller.
  • If you or a third party has attempted to modify or repair the pram without having received written permission from Mompush.
  • Claims from anyone other than the original purchaser (i.e. no longer valid if gifted or sold to another individual.
  • Damage resulting from extreme heat conditions (i.e. leaving in a car on hot days).
  • Customer dissatisfaction with the product in terms of fit, weight, functionality, colour or design.

Safety Warnings

Please read and follow the below warning notices before using your stroller:

Seat Specific

  • This stroller seats one passenger with a maximum weight limit of 15 kg.
  • Not suitable for a child under 6 month sold who cannot sit up unaided.
  • Do not allow your child to climb unassisted into the stroller.

Safety Harness

  • Please ensure that your child correctly wears the fitted and adjusted safety harness at all times with all 5 straps  secured.
  • Never leave the harness buckled when not fitted to the child in the stroller.The harness can form loops which may cause a strangulation hazard.

    Bassinet Specific

    • Maximum weight that can be carried in the bassinet is 9kg.
    • Do not use the bassinet once the child can sit up unaided.
    • Not to be used for overnight or unsupervised sleeping.
    • Only use the bassinet in a flat position.Do not recline.
    • Do not add additional mattress or padding inside the bassinet.

    Warning:To avoid injure or death

    • Always apply the brakes whenever the pram/stroller is stationary.
    • Do not leave children  unattended.
    • Secure the child in the stroller harness at all times.
    • Do not carry extra children or bags on the pram/stroller.
    • Make sure children are clear of any moving parts if you adjust the pram/stroller.


    *Mompush has the final right of interpretation .