Dahiana Patricia rodriguez cortabarria  wrote a review about 2020 Full-Size Standard Stroller (Black):

July 05, 2020

  It is an amazing stroller, the only thing I wish it could be there is the cup holder, but is not a reason to give less than 5 stars. If you are planning to buy it, don't hesitate.

  In my case I spend a lot of time researching before finally decided to buy this one. what I got from this stroller? the benefit of have my baby on it facing me cause I am always scared about this virus and people sneezing on him, and also, having the chance to turn him so that he can also enjoy the view when no one is there.   Besides that the bassinet is very large which is great as my baby is 9 months old and very large. Overall it is very sleek and totally functional which is great. It feels smooth when I walk outside but not so sturdy, but this is just an observation, nothing to be worry about. Summarizing, I did well when I purchased it!